Trevor Tremethick
Data Page

Trevor Tremethick has written articles for "Steam Days" magazine in the past, and has kindly agreed to allow some of his personal and rare train
spotting data to be published on this website.

Trevor was inspired to digitise his records on this page after coming across the Ian Cook data pages on this website, and through them, managing
to confirm some of his data, especially at (9B) Stockport Edgeley MPD on April 16th 1967.
Trevor is also very appreciative of Ian Cook's help with this.

The data on this page is very much a snapshot of his two-day trip travelling up from Truro, with his friend and fellow spotter Ian, ending up at
Kings Cross afterwards with green Deltics and 4472 coming in on a special.

 They had travelled up on the evening of April 15th 1967 on the 17.40 Penzance - Manchester Piccadilly train (1M78)

The data is not a definitive record of everything present on that day just a record of what Trevor and Ian were able to record.

Another example of unique records that only exist because of the dedicated tenacity of another enthusiast who wanted to record
and preserve what he saw during those "Glorious years".



June 12th 2018.

I have just received this email from Trevor who has managed to obtain a long sought after smokebox numberplate which is shown below.

Hello Geoff!  Long time no speak!
I see my data page is still on your website and I often go in and peruse your great info from the various contributors.

You may not remember but, at the time I sent you my information, I had some correspondence with Ian Cook about my notes at
 Stockport Edgeley and whether I had actually recorded 44722 of Perth there or had mistakenly recorded 44725 twice. I think we decided it was the latter.

Earlier this year, the smokebox numberplate of 44725 came up at auction and I felt I just had to have it.
 My bid was successful and here is a picture of it, on my wall at last! If she still had the numberplate on in April 1967 when I saw her at
 Stockport, it would be great if one of your contributors has a photo of her showing it.
 A tall order I know!  She was a Speke Jct engine and I am still hunting for the shedplate to go with the number.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you and yours and, of course, all those who add value to 'Llandudno Junction'.

Very best wishes, Trevor T


Trevor Tremethick: Visit to Crewe, Stockport and Manchester on 15th - 16th April 1967.

Travelled  from  Falmouth, changing at Truro on Saturday 15th April 1967 and boarding train 1M78:
17.40 Penzance to Manchester Piccadilly.

16 April 1967: Arr. Crewe 04.03, Stockport 05.19 and Manchester 05.37

Ist & 2nd Class Sleeping Cars attached at Plymouth

Engines changed:

(1)    D1005 Western Venturer  (84A Laira) from Penzance changed for Warship D865 Zealous (83A Newton Abbot) at Newton Abbot.

(2)    D865 Zealous changed for Brush Type 4 D1965 WL (LMR Western Lines) at Bristol Temple Meads.

(3)    D1965 changed for AL6 Bo-Bo Electric E3149 LMW (LMR Western AC Lines) at Crewe.

early morning (approx. 04.15 - 04.30) Sunday 16/04/1967

Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

5MT 4-6-0    44829    5B Crewe South; shunting parcels stock through platforms (tender first)

B.R. 7MT 4-6-2    70028 Royal Star    12A Kingmoor; awaiting train in station

    70013 Oliver Cromwell  12A Kingmoor; leaving with football special back to north of England
after the England v. Scotland International at Wembley

 early morning 16/04/1967

Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

AL3 Bo-Bo Electric    E3030    English Electric (EE) built; LMW 

AL5 Bo-Bo Electric    E3082    BR built; LMW

AL6 Bo-Bo Electric    E3107    BR / Vulcan Foundry; LMW

    E3123    BR / Vulcan Foundry; LMW
    E3169    BR / Vulcan Foundry; LMW

Between Manchester Piccadilly and Stockport, 16/04/1967

Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

8F 2-8-0    Unidentified    On engineers’ train.

Stockport, 16/04/1967

Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

AL2 Bo-Bo Electric    E3048    AEI (Metrovick); LMW
(Photo below)

E3048 at Stockport station on April 16th 1967.

Stockport Edgeley, 16/04/1967

Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

5MT 4-6-0    44722 (?) Not sure this number correct (may have been 44725 recorded twice)    63A Perth (?)  See below

    44725    8C Speke Junction

    44868    9B Stockport
    44916    9B Stockport
    45027    9B Stockport
    45139    9B Stockport
    45225    9B Stockport
    45261    9B Stockport

6P 4-6-0 (double chimney)    45596 Bahamas    9B Stockport (inside shed - withdrawn)

8F 2-8-0    48161    9F Heaton Mersey (at side of shed - withdrawn)

    48170    9B Stockport
    48182    9B Stockport
    48272    8E Northwich

    48275    8F Springs Branch Wigan

    48335    9B Stockport
    48345    9B Stockport
    48373    9B Stockport
         48474    5B Crewe South
    48507    9B Stockport

    48626    9B Stockport (at side of shed - withdrawn)

    48639    8E Northwich
    48673    9B Stockport
    48745    9B Stockport

L.N.E.R. K4 2-6-0    3442 (61994) The Great Marquess    Preserved. Awaiting railtour, off Stockport around midday.
 Local crew not impressed with her!

B.R. 7MT 4-6-2    70004 William Shakespeare    9B Stockport (inside shed – not in steam)

    70015 Apollo    9B Stockport (inside shed – not in steam). Loco recently cleaned. Visited cab

B.R. 5MT Caprotti 4-6-0    73135    9H Patricroft

B.R. 9F 2-10-0    92011    8H Birkenhead

    92026 (ex-Crosti)    8H Birkenhead

    92112    8H Birkenhead

    92117    8C Speke Junction; visited cab

EE Type 4 (Later Class 40)    D350    56B Healey Mills

Brush Type 4 (Later Class 47)    D1598    82A Bristol Bath Road

BR 350hp 0-6-0    D3769    9A Longsight Diesel

Drewry 204hp 0-6-0 1957    D2390    9A Longsight Diesel

Two views of  Stockport Edgeley (9B) from Trevor's visit  on April 16th 1967.

The first photo shows
Gresley K4 3442 (BR number 61994) "The Great Marquess" while the other
shot is a general view of the shed.

Passing Edgeley Sidings on train, 16/04/1967

Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

2MT Ivatt 2-6-2T    41220    9B Stockport (Withdrawn); confirmed with Ian Cook

    41233    9B Stockport (Withdrawn); confirmed with Ian Cook

Note: Other engines here were not recorded but included:

48000    45249    44782    48686    48219     (see Ian Cook data page)

Crewe Diesel Depot / Crewe Station, 16/04/1967

Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

EE Type 4 (Later Class 40)    D215 Aquitania  WL 

    D224 Lucania    WL
     D231 Sylvania    WL
  D235 Apapa    WL

    D236    WL

    D280    52A Gateshead
    D281    52A Gateshead
    D297    WL
    D326    WL; the Great Train Robbery engine
    D330    WL
    D336    WL
    D352    56B Healey Mills
    D371    WL
    D377    WL
    D382    WL
    D384    WL
    D396    56B Healey Mills

Brush Type 4 (Later Class 47)    D1107    50A York

    D1108    50A York

    D1510    34G Finsbury Park
    D1516    34G Finsbury Park
    D1522    34G Finsbury Park
    D1523    34G Finsbury Park

 D1581    52A Gateshead

    D1585    86A Cardiff Canton
    D1591    86A Cardiff Canton
    D1595    86A Cardiff Canton

    D1628    ML LMR Midland Lines

    D1633    WL

    D1644    87E Landore
    D1647    87E Landore

    D1648    81A Old Oak Common

    D1659    87E Landore

    D1676 Vulcan    82A Bristol Bath Road

    D1718    WL
    D1725    WL

    D1735    82A Bristol Bath Road
    D1737    82A Bristol Bath Road
    D1741    82A Bristol Bath Road

    D1751    86A Cardiff Canton
    D1761    34G Finsbury Park

    D1801    WL
    D1804    WL
    D1807    ML
    D1838    WL
    D1844    WL
    D1850    WL
    D1855    WL
    D1858    WL

    D1866    30A Stratford

    D1869    41A Tinsley
    D1871    41A Tinsley
    D1876    41A Tinsley

    D1884    40B Immingham

    D1941    WL
    D1944    WL
    D1947    ML
    D1948    WL
    D1951    WL

    D1957    WL; blue livery applied by Brush Co at their works (never carried green livery)

    D1963    WL
    D1967    WL

BR Sulzer Type 2 (Later Class 24)    D5006    D05 LMR Stoke Division

    D5074    D05
    D5091    D05

BR Sulzer Type 2 (Later Class 25)    D5211    ML
(see photo below)

EE Type 1 (Later Class 20)    D8003    D01 LMR London Western Division

    D8009    D01

    D8048    40B Immingham; early blue livery (June 1966) with incorrect back-to-front double arrow insignia!
(See photo below)

BR 350hp 0-6-0    D3773    14A Cricklewood

    D3800    5D Stoke

The blue class 20 in the Diesel Depot picture is D8048. She was the first to be painted in the new corporate 'rail blue' and

(just discernible in the photograph) they got the double arrow insignia back to front!
I think the class 25 must be D5211 as the others I noted were all class 24s without headcode boxes.

CREWE STATION (afternoon 16/04/1967)

Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

5MT 4-6-0    45347    10D Lostock Hall; arrived on troop special having taken over from 70038 Robin Hood at Preston.

 45347 detached in favour of electric traction


Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

5MT 4-6-0    44680    5B Crewe South

    44681    5B Crewe South
    44683    5B Crewe South
    44684    5B Crewe South
    44685    5B Crewe South
       44736    9D Newton Heath
    44761    5B Crewe South
    44800    5B Crewe South
    44812    5B Crewe South
    44814    5B Crewe South
    44844    5B Crewe South
               44860    5D Stoke (Withdrawn)
  44878    12A Kingmoor
  44882    12A Kingmoor
    45006    5B Crewe South
                           45033    5B Crewe South (Withdrawn)
        45056    8C Speke Junction
    45145    5B Crewe South
                   45180    5B Crewe S. (W/D 9.65!)
       45191    5D Stoke
         45201    8C Speke Junction
        45202    9D Newton Heath
     45264    5B Crewe South
                45272    2B Oxley (W/D 10.65!)
     45285    5B Crewe South
     45310    5B Crewe South

    45373    10A Carnforth but transferred to 10D Lostock Hall during 4.67

    45391    5B Crewe South

2MT 2-6-0    46512    5B Crewe South (Withdrawn)

3F 0-6-0T    47566    8L Aintree (Withdrawn)

8F 2-8-0    48018    5B Crewe South but transferred to 6A Chester during 4.67

    48194    5B Crewe South
    48220    5B Crewe South

    48255    5B Crewe South (Withdrawn)

    48364    5D Stoke

    48436    5B Crewe South
    48449    5B Crewe South
    48450    5B Crewe South
                           48502    9H Patricroft but stored at 5B
    48505    5B Crewe South
    48559    5B Crewe South
                      48728    2E Saltley but stored at 5B

L.N.E.R. A4 4-6-2    4498  (60007) Sir Nigel Gresley    Preserved

B.R. 7MT 4-6-2    70016 Ariel    12A Kingmoor; by turntable

    70031 Byron    12A Kingmoor; leaving shed light engine. Name painted in white on blue background

    70045 Lord Rowallan    12A Kingmoor

    70049 Solway Firth    12A Kingmoor

B.R. 5MT 4-6-0    73160    9H Patricroft; by turntable

B.R. 4MT 4-6-0    75029    6C Croes Newydd; by turntable

B.R. 2MT 2-6-0    78019    5B Crewe South (Withdrawn)

    78036    6D Shrewsbury (Withdrawn)

     78059    5B Crewe South (Withdrawn)

B.R. 9F 2-10-0    92012    12A Kingmoor

   92017    12A Kingmoor
    92032    8H Birkenhead
    92046    8H Birkenhead

    92079    8H Birkenhead; the former Lickey Banker

    92086    8H Birkenhead
   92093    12A Kingmoor
    92152    8H Birkenhead
    92163    8H Birkenhead
   92212    10A Carnforth

BR 350hp 0-6-0    D3798    5B Crewe South

Drewry 204hp 0-6-0 1955    D2221    5B Crewe South

Crewe Works (including some non-steam traction)

Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

B.R. 9F 2-10-0    92220 Evening Star     In paint shop; green undercoat

B.R. 8P 4-6-2    71000 Duke of Gloucester    Hulk; no tender or valve gear

L.N.E.R. A4 4-6-2    60026 Miles Beevor    No tender or valve gear, had been cannibalised

Manchester-Sheffield-Wath EM1    E26014    9C Reddish; lined green livery

    E26033    9C Reddish; lined green livery
    E26041    9C Reddish; lined green livery

    E26054 Pluto     9C Reddish; lined green livery

EE Type 1 (Later Class 20)    D8138    D02 LMR Birmingham Division

Metrovick Co-Bo    D5703    12B Upperby

    D5705    12B Upperby

LMS / BR 350hp 0-6-0    12039    Crewe Works

    12047    Crewe Works

BR 350hp 0-6-0    D3068    Crewe Works

EE Type 4 (Later Class 40)    D229 Saxonia    WL; under repair

    D270    50A York
    D272    50A York
    D276    50A York
         D322    WL; derelict
             D365  64B Haymarket

Brush Type 4 (Later Class 47)    D1503    34G Finsbury Park

     D1514    34G Finsbury Park
 D1556    40B Immingham
      D1600    86A Cardiff Canton
D1766    52A Gateshead

    D1806    WL

    D1809    D16 Nottingham Division

    D1815    ML

    D1873    41A Tinsley

    D1942    WL

Drewry 204hp 0-6-0 1952    D2200    Crewe Works

    D2201    Crewe Works
    D2202    Crewe Works
    D2203    Crewe Works

    D2204    51C West Hartlepool

    D2207    Crewe Works

NBL 225hp 0-4-0    D2708    Condemned

    D2711    Condemned
    D2741    Condemned
    D2742    Condemned

AL1 Bo-Bo Electric    E3006    AEI (British Thomson-Houston); LMW

    E3009    AEI (British Thomson-Houston); LMW
    E3010    AEI (British Thomson-Houston); LMW

AL3 Bo-Bo Electric    E3027    EE; LMW
AL5 Bo-Bo Electric    E3058    BR; LMW

    E3071    BR; LMW
    E3072    BR; LMW
    E3076    BR; LMW
    E3078    BR; LMW

AL5/1 Bo-Bo Electric    E3092    BR; LMW

AL6 Bo-Bo Electric    E3112    BR / Vulcan Foundry; LMW

BR HA-Type Bo-Bo Electric (Southern Region)    E5006    Being converted to Electro-diesel E6103

    E5016    Being converted to Electro-diesel E6102

AL5 electric No. E3068 (LMW) headed our train back from Crewe to Euston.

Kings Cross Station, evening of 16/04/1967

Locomotive Type   
Number / Name   
Notes / Home Shed (where known) as at 16/4/67

EE Deltic D9005 The Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire 52A Gateshead; green livery with full yellow ends

    D9006 The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 64B Haymarket; green livery with full yellow ends

    D9011 The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers 52A Gateshead; green livery with full yellow ends

    D9012 Crepello    34G Finsbury Park; green livery with full yellow ends – departing on northbound service

LNER Class A3    4472 Flying Scotsman    Arrived just before 10pm having taken over railtour from 3442 The Great Marquess at Leeds

Overnight service from Paddington back to Truro; locomotive not recorded. Train was probably the 22.45 Paddington - Penzance via Swindon and
 Bristol, arriving Truro 07.00 on Monday 17 April 1967.  07.25 Truro to Falmouth, arriving Falmouth 07.50.