North Wales Coast Steam Tours

This page is a photographic collection of today's steam tours along the North Wales coast main line and the
 Conwy Valley branch to Bleanau Ffestiniog.

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Saphos Trains ran this special train on Saturday October 13th 2018.
Locomotives  -  D213 "Andania" plus LSL 47 (T&T).

This tour special was scheduled to run, on a very wet Saturday, from Crewe to Bleanau Ffestiniog - then returning to Llandudno Junction and on to Holyhead, before returning to Crewe.

Unfortunately the Conwy Valley branch line was closed due to adverse weather conditions so the tour diverted from 6G to Llandudno for several hours before
reversing into 6G and proceeding on to Holyhead. The train left Holyhead with the return leg at 15.15 arriving at Crewe 19.30.

There were many enthusiasts present to record this historic return to the North Wales Coast line for D213.
Possibly some thought they would never see the class return to the coast again.

The first shot shows the train powering through Colwyn Bay station taken by Jack Poole.

This shot shows the train waiting to leave for Holyhead at 6G.

This shot by Roger Carvell shows another shot of the train about to leave 6G for Holyhead.

This delightful night shot by, Roger Carvell, shows the engine after arriving at Crewe.



Saturday September 22nd 2018.
LNER A3 Class 4-6-2 No. 60103 "Flying Scotsman"

This first shot by Alan Roberts shows the A3 at Mochdre.

Jack Poole caught the train as it approaches Llanfair PG signalbox.

This shot shows the interest aroused by the famous engine as there are so many enthusiasts at Valley to watch the engine turn on the triangle that the
British Transport Police were present to ensure safety.


Railway Touring Club


Tuesday July 24th 2018.

LMS Class 8F 2-8-0  No. 48151.
Steam hauled : Preston - Blaenau Ffestiniog - Preston.
Diesel assisted due to fire risk (37669).

This shot by Jack Poole opens this new page showing the 8F leaving 6G with the evening leg.

The next three shots by Dave Wood show the train first preparing to leave North Llanrwst on the outward leg then on the homeward leg at
 Abergele and finally at Helsby.

Signalman Alan Roberts (now recently retired after 42 years service) took these four shots of the train arriving at
 6G and preparing to leave for Bleanau Ffestiniog.

Photographer Jack Poole 'cabbing' the diesel  37669 at 6G.

The Mountaineer leaves 6G, on the homeward leg, passing the Blaenau Ffestiniog branch line.



Sunday July 22nd 2018.

LMS Jubilee Class 6P 4-6-0 No. 45690 'Leander'.

The 'Jub' with the outward leg at Tan y Bryn footbridge Mochdre.

Passing one of the four limestone lion sentinels, as the train runs over the Britannia bridge, crossing the Menai Straits en route to Holyhead.

After turning at Valley 'Leander' prepares to enter the main line, to reverse to Holyhead, to join up with her train.

45690 joins the main line after turning at Valley.

Approaching Llanfair P.G station with the homeward leg.