This page displays a photographic record of the remodelling of the A55 expressway in and around the Mochdre and Brompton Avenue areas. 

All of the photographs were taken by John Powell. 

The permission of the photographer must be obtained before any attempt to copy or publish any image is attempted.

  John can be contacted through the website email link on the HOMEPAGE

Once again I would like to thank John for sharing these unique images.

I have included John's notes with his photographs..



mochdreone.jpg (128888 bytes)
Mochdre and Pabo, September 14th 1983. Class 47 , 47549.


mochdretwo.jpg (170204 bytes)
Mochdre. 5th October 1983, Class 47, 47547


mochdrethree.jpg (180423 bytes)
Mochdre October 8th 1983. D200 on the "Amlwch Rambler"


mochdrefour.jpg (195916 bytes)
Euston-Holyhead train passes Mochdre hauled by 47488 on the 29th October 1983. 
Note the new bed ready for the track.


mochdrefive.jpg (198971 bytes)
Holyhead-Euston train passing Mochdre hauled by 47449 on October 29th 1983. 
The bridge with the "LAING" sign was a temporary bridge for site vehicles only.


mochdresix.jpg (129597 bytes)
Track lifting at Mochdre February 2nd 1984.


mochdreseven.jpg (170249 bytes)
09.30. Crewe-Holyhead Express hauled by 47558 "Mayflower" passes a 
track-lifting train at Mochdre on February 9th 1984


mochdreeight.jpg (171376 bytes)
47474 at Mochdre on 9th February 1984 with a Llandudno-Scarborough train.


mochdrenine.jpg (122816 bytes)
25054 passes Mochdre on February 10th 1984.


mochdreten.jpg (180156 bytes)
45134 at Mochdre on the 2nd April 1984


mochdreeleven.jpg (162815 bytes)
45107 at Mochdre on the 2nd April 1984


mochdretwelve.jpg (185386 bytes)
45046 with a Bangor-Scarborough train on the 23rd June 1984.


mochdrethirteen.jpg (111064 bytes)
A six car DMU passes Mochdre on the 30thJune 1984


mochdrefourteen.jpg (120917 bytes)
DMU passes Mochdre on June 30th 1984.


mochdrefifteen.jpg (153099 bytes)
47446 on 5th July 1984 at Mochdre.


mochdresixteen.jpg (128616 bytes)
40001 at Mochdre on 5th July 1984 with it's final revenue earning trip before withdrawal.


mochdreseventeen.jpg (109781 bytes)
The 13.20 Llandudno-Scarborough Express passes Mochdre 
behind 47409 on the 9th July 1984


mochdreeighteen.jpg (167435 bytes)
A Euston-Holyhead train passes Mochdre hauled by 47511 "Thames", 
 bereft of her nameplates,
on August 1st 1984.


mochdrenineteen.jpg (124791 bytes)
A Holyhead-Euston train passes Mochdre and the new "Euroway" 
behind 47538 on November 11th 1984.


mochdretwenty.jpg (185016 bytes)
The new "Euroway" takes shape at Mochdre as 47588 passes with the morning 
Holyhead to Euston Express on December 24th 1984.


mochdretwentyone.jpg (154549 bytes)
A Bangor to Scarborough Express passes Mochdre and Pabo 
behind 45150 on January 26th 1985.


mochdretwentytwo.jpg (175482 bytes)
45105 pulls a down Express at Mochdre on January 26th 1985.


mochdretwentythree.jpg (192862 bytes)
July 19th 1986 and an "up" DMU displays an incorrect "Llandudno" 
destination plate at Mochdre.


mochdretwentyfour.jpg (185221 bytes)
47526 "Northumbria"  with a Scarborough-Bangor express, at 
Mochdre and Pabo on July 19th 1986.


a55cavalcade.jpg (104437 bytes)
Opening day of Mochdre section by Wyn Roberts. Cavalcade
with police escort, June 29th 1985.





bromptonbeforeshot.jpg (130606 bytes)
47427 taken from Brompton Avenue Bridge showing the way it was on April 15th 1982.


bromptonoldfootbridge47443.jpg (133496 bytes)
47443 at Colwyn Bay on October 23rd 1982.  The old footbridge can be seen 
in the background, soon to be demolished.


bromptonavenueone.jpg (167332 bytes)
October 5th 1983 and 45120 pulls a Scarborough-Bangor express out of Colwyn Bay
 passing the ornate Penrhos College.


bromptonavenuetwo.jpg (170353 bytes)
An unidentified class 45 passes the Brompton Avenue Bridge workings
on November 6th 1983.


bromptonavenuethree.jpg (98648 bytes)
The Expressway nears completion on October 19th 1984.


bromptonavenuefour.jpg (180148 bytes)
20141 and 20113 pull a track maintenance train at Colwyn Bay
 on September 17th 1986.


bromptonavenuefive.jpg (165572 bytes)
A winter scene on January 16th 1985 as the 09.30 Crewe-Holyhead
drifts through Colwyn Bay
hauled by 47489.


bromptonavenuesix.jpg (159946 bytes)
47555 pulls the 09.30 Crewe-Holyhead at Penrhos
on December 12th 1984.


bromptonavenueseven.jpg (133110 bytes)
47455 at Brompton Avenue Bridge on July 29th 1983.


bromptonavenueeight.jpg (177597 bytes)
20141 and 20113 Approach Colwyn Bay on September 17th 1986.


bromptonavenuenine.jpg (189543 bytes)
An unidentified class 45 at Penrhos on December 5th 1984.


bromptonavenueten.jpg (188866 bytes)
An unidentified class 45 approaches Colwyn Bay with a
Llandudno-Scarborough express on November 5th 1983.


bromptonavenueeleven.jpg (109600 bytes)
A view from Brompton Avenue Bridge ,Colwyn Bay, looking East with the bed ready for new track.