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This page shows a selection of previously unpublished photos taken by Mike at Woodhams Scrap Yard in Barry.
Mike has written a short description of his trips to the yard in 1968 below.

I hope site visitors enjoy the breathtaking memories below as much as I have done editing the page.
Many thanks must go to Mike for his foresight in taking these unique memories and his dedication to record such
an enormous amount of detail for others to enjoy.


Myself and friend Les left Stoke Station on the last train to Crewe on the night of July 31st.

I recorded 42 loco’s before departing from Crewe for Cardiff on the Crewe - Cardiff TPO
which had passenger stock attached. The station stops were therefore quite lengthy.

Cannot now remember what time we arrived in Cardiff, but it must have been fairly early for the mail to be
transferred to Cardiff sorting office to be prepared for delivery that day.

Recorded 26  loco’s at Cardiff Station before catching the DMU to take us to Barry.

A sign of things to come was seen in sidings at (I think) Barry Docks,  two Warships
D600 & D601, Stanier 8F 48151, and a B1 departmental number 29 (originally) 61264.

On arrival at Barry, we made the short walk to Woodhams.

When we got there, I just could not believe what I was looking at!
Apart from anything else, I was looking at my first Southern Region loco’s.
First number recorded was 34092 City of Wells.

According to my notebook, I recorded 209 loco’s.
I don’t think there were any numbers duplicated, and I have not checked since.

After recording the numbers and taking a few photo’s, we made our way back to Cardiff by DMU from Barry.
Another 51 loco’s recorded, and a few more photo’s taken.

On the journey home, just outside Shrewsbury, we saw 7 steam loco’s in a siding waiting to be taken to the scrap man:
48450, 48510, 48061, 48637, 48012, 45426, 48633.
I don’t think any of the 8f’s went to Barry, and 45426 is recorded as going to Buttigiegs in Newport. Maybe they all went there?

A long day, but it was worth it!!

I went to Barry again four more times, but it was never quite the same.


The first photo shows the sad sight of two powerful locomotives without their tenders and cab-to-cab
awaiting, at that time, an unknown fate.

Thankfully Dai Woodham had warm feelings for the enthusiasts who begged him not to start cutting
so many engines until funds could be raised to purchase them all.

The engines below are GWR "Castle" 5051 'Earl Bathurst' and GWR 2-8-0 No. 2861.

Departmental number 29 (B1 61264) taken from a passing train at Barry Docks 01/08/1968.

GWR Manor Class No.7802 'Bradley Manor'

SR S15 class - No. 30499

Another SR  S15 primed for future protection from the elements No. 30506.

SR S15 - No. 30825

The tender of above engine.

A front view of 30825.

SR S15 No. 30847 almost hidden behind a pile of already dismantled wheels from not so lucky engines.

Maunsell SR "U" class No. 31618 Built 1928 and purchased from Woodham's in 1969 to become
the second engine to be preserved from the yard.
Now operates on the Bluebell Railway.

SR "U" class No. 31806.

SR "N" class No. 31874.

SR "West Country Class"  No. 34016 'Bodmin'.

Bulleid SR "West Country" Pacific No. 34027 'Taw Valley' along with classmate No. 34028 'Eddystone'

Another shot of 34028

Bulleid (rebuilt)  SR "Battle of Britain" class No. 34058 'Sir Frederick Pile'.

Watch a video of 34058 being towed to freedom from the yard.

SR "Battle of Britain" class No. 34070 'Manston'

SR "Battle of Britain" class No. 34073 '249 Squadron' minus her tender.

SR " West Country "class No. 34092 'City of Wells'.

(unrebuilt)  SR West Country Pacific No. 34105 'Swanage'

SR "Merchant Navy" class 4-6-2 No. 35005 'Canadian Pacific'.

SR "Merchant Navy" class No. 35010 ' Blue Star'

SR "Merchant Navy" class No. 35025 'Brocklebank Line'.

 SR "Merchant Navy" class No. 35027 'Port Line'.

GWR "5100" class 2-6-2T No. 4121.

LMS 2-6-2T No. 41312

LMS 0-6-0T No. 47357 leads the static line with 2-6-2T No. 41312 behind.

"5100 class 2-6-2T No. 4141.

GWR "4200" class 2-8-0T No. 4247.

LMS 2-6-0 "6P5F" class No. 42968.

Another shot of 42968.

LMS 0-6-0 4F class No. 43924.

LMS 0-6-0 4F class No.44123.

LMS 0-6-0 4F class No.44422.

A shot from the tender of 44422.

LMS Black Five No. 45379.

LMS "Jubilee" class 45690 'Leander'

LMS "Jubilee" class No. 45699 'Galatea' stands in front of already condemned Bo-Bo
Diesel Electric No. D6121.

A carefully primed for future protection GWR 2-6-2T "4500" class No. 4588.

 LMS 2-6-0 class "2" No. 46521.

LMS 2-8-0 "8F" No. 48305.

  GWR "Hall" class No. 4930 'Hagley Hall' stands in the old steam shed at Barry.
Probably transferred from the yard to here for preparation for removal to it's preservation site.

GWR "Castle" class No. 5029 'Nunney Castle'.

Two shots below of 2-8-0 7F No. 53808.

Two shots of 2-8-0 7F No. 53809 are shown below.

GWR 2-6-2T "4500" class N0. 5572

Two shots below show  GWR "King" class No. 6023 'King Edward ll'.

A forlorn looking GWR "King" class No. 6024 'King Edward l'

4-6-0 LNER B1 No. 61264

GWR "Modified Hall " No. 6990 'Witherslack Hall'

Looking at the first of these two photos of No. 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' it's no wonder many people doubted
that the "Duke" could ever be restored to main line operation.
Thank heaven the doubters were proved wrong.

The following three previously unpublished photos of 71000 were taken by Mike at Crewe works
before the engine was dispatched to Barry.

The first two show the "Duke" outside the old paint shop at Crewe on May 29th 1966 still with
name and number plates intact.

The third shot shows 71000 on February 19th 1967, coupled up with a rather forlorn looking
A4 60026 'Miles Beevor' which was in a far more perilous state than the "Duke" as the A4 was being
systematically cannibalised at Crewe probably to supply parts for 60007 and others
which were being restored there.

It was probably a stroke of luck when BR decided to put out to tender the task of breaking up most
of the engines that saved 71000 the same fate as the A4 which was left to crumble outside Crewe works
before being eventually cut up later that year.

The following two shots would appear to confirm the suspicion that A4 60026 'Miles Beevor' was sacrificed to provide
parts for the two "Streaks" undergoing restoration at Crewe at that time.

60007 'Sir Nigel Gresley' undergoing major restoration at Crewe on February 19th 1967.

A4 60010 'Dominion of Canada' freshly painted at Crewe works on February 19th 1967.

              Also in the paint shop at that time was 9F No. 92220 'Evening Star' still in undercoat on February 19th 1967.                 

Two GWR "Manor" class rest cab to cab.
No. 7802 'Bradley Manor' and No.7821 'Ditcheat Manor'

Lots of the engines at Barry had parts removed during their stay but BR Standard 2-6-0 Class "2"
No. 78059  appears to have suffered more than most through this "cannibalism".

2-6-4T No. 80078 stands behind GWR "Manor" class No. 7827 'Lydham Manor'

"Modified" Hall class No. 7927 'Wilington Hall'.

Another view of "Modified" Hall class No.7927 'Willington Hall'

BR Standard class 4 No. 75079 with 2-6-4T 80072 and SR "MN" No. 35022 'Holland - America Line'

2-6-4T No. 80079

A very respectable cosmetic paint job has been done on 2-6-4T No.80105.

2-6-4T No. 80151 alongside the desperately sad looking 71000 'Duke of Gloucester'

9F No. 92085 stands alongside un-rebuilt SR "Battle of Britain" class 34067 'Tangmere'.

9F No 92134.

GWR 0-6-0 PT No. 9466

GWR 0-6-0PT No. 9681

Diesel Hydraulic "Warship" AlA-AlA  class 4 No.D600 'Active' and classmate No.D601 'Ark Royal'
at Barry Docks.

Another shot of D601.

A classic general view of the yard.

Another general view.

An unidentified tank engine.

An unidentified Pannier Tank engine.


This shot of D6986 was taken at Barry Station during Mike's 1973 visit.

The following six shots were taken by Mike at Cardiff General on his first visit to Barry on August 1st 1968.






South Wales Pullman.

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