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This is the second page of Mike Henney's photo collection showing
previously unpublished memories of the disappearing steam engines, during
the 1960's, and the introduction of the new diesel traction that followed.


The seven photos below were taken at Croes Newydd MPD.
The shed was originally coded (84J) and then (89B) until boundary changes
on September 9th 1963 forced the shed to be recoded yet again to (6C).

6952 "Kimberley Hall" rests at (6C) Croes Newydd shed, on July 13th 1965.
In May of 1965 she was a Banbury loco, but was based at Tyseley when withdrawn in December 1965.
The engine is missing name and number plates but note how carelessly the number has been hand painted on the cab side
compared to the shot of pannier tank 9641 taken just over a year later, shown further down this page.

2-6-4T 80079 in store at (6C) on July 13th 1965.

This shot shows 0-6-2T 6651 at 6C on July 13th 1965.

This shot shows 0-6-0PT 9610 awaiting duties at (6C) on August 23rd 1965.


The shot below shows another 0-6-0PT 9641 at (6C) on the same date as above.

BR standard class 4. 4-6-0 No. 75071 (with double chimney) rests at 6C
on August 31st 1965.

0-6-2T 6611 on August 31st 1965.


BR standard class 4. 75071 lines up with other withdrawn members of the class at
Stoke (5D) on July 2nd 1967.


Seven more of Mike's photos from 1963 and 1965 are shown below.

This shot shows Black five 45381 at Rhyl in 1963 with an unidentified train.

Jubilee 45562 "Alberta" eases into Llandudno Junction station on July 17th 1965 with
an unidentified train.

73130 at Llandudno Junction on July 17th 1965 with an unidentified train.

WD 90503 on 6G July 12th 1965.

"Crab" 42765 on 8H (Birkenhead) on July 13th 1965.

9F 92021 at Chester on August 31st 1965.

D344 at Rhyl in June 1963.


40035 at Llandudno Junction with an up relief on October 13th 1977.

40035 on 6G, September 9th 1981.

40055 on 6G with empty coaching stock on July 15th 1981.

40085 stands alongside the carriage shed on September 5th 1983.

40135 at 6G with 40013 behind on September 5th 1983.

47593 on September 7th 1983 at the Junction with the 13.30 Blaenau Ffestiniog to Llandudno.
It's probable that 'day trip' stock was used for peak time service.

D67 waits for the 'off '
on June 17th 1967 with what is thought to be a
summer Saturday only Llandudno to Nottingham.

This view of Llandudno Junction station on October 24th 1978 shows a DMU with the 13.05
Llandudno Junction to Llandudno in the bay and the 12.20 Bangor to Manchester Victoria in platform 1.

The 14.18 Crewe to Bangor train passes the Blaenau Ffestiniog branch on the approach to
Llandudno Junction on April 18th 1978.

25220 waits to depart Llandudno with the 16.42 to Crewe on September 7th 1978.

25253 at Blaenau Ffestiniog on July 3rd 1979.

25294 stopped at signals outside 6G on October 11th 1977.

40122 at Deganwy on September 4th 1986.

45014 waits to leave Llandudno on September 5th 1984 with the 13.24 to Scarborough.

45104 arrives at 6G on September 3rd 1984 with the 11.52 for Llandudno.

The 20.53 Llandudno to Llandudno Junction train waits at Deganwy on June 24th 1978.

The 10.55 Blaenau Ffestiniog to Llandudno arrives at Bettws y Coed station on July 3rd 1979.

The 13.00 Blaenau Ffestiniog to Llandudno waits for the 'off' on July 3rd 1979.

25249 passing through Bangor station on July 9th 1984. Noted as a relief boat train.
Looks like a heavy load for a "25" so maybe it was a late replacement for a failed loco.

31466 with excessive front end damage at Chester on September 5th 1988.

A strange visitor in Colwyn Bay platform 3 on May 14th 1984.

45122 passing the Little Chef at Penmaenmawr on May 1st 1986 with an unidentified service.

47365 at Abergele on April 29th 1986 with a Crewe Works test train.

47553 at Llanddulas on April 4th 1988 with a Euston - Holyhead service. (note the sleeper car)

25228 leaving 6G westbound with an engineers train on October 11th 1977 with (LJ) in the background.

40014 with an up ballast train, working 'wrong line' just outside Penmaenmawr on October 11th 1977.

47490 working 'wrong line' with the 1004 hrs. Holyhead - Euston train on October 11th 1977.

47539 approaching Queens Road bridge with the 1000 hrs. Euston - Holyhead train on October 11th 1977.
Appears not to be air conditioned stock.

DMU 50792 & 50759 at Chester opposite platform (7) in advertising livery for new
London Saver fares on January 30th 1982.

An unidentified service approaching platform (4) in September 1982.

4 car class 101 with an unidentified service approaching Llandudno Junction from Llandudno on
July 15th 1983 about to pass under the flyover.


The following five photos show various locomotives at Mostyn in the 80's.

The first shot shows the Mostyn docks shunter on September 5th 1986 with wagons
for Amlwch.

The next shot is "Peak" 45104 on an unidentified down train also on September 5th 1986.

Mostyn signal box September 5th 1986.

47503 with an unidentified train on September 4th 1987.

Another undated shot of an unidentified track maintenance vehicle.

This last shot shows Class 47 No. 47540 at Bangor on September 4th 1986 with a Holyhead - Euston express.


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