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Michael Henney took the following previously unpublished photos with a
basic box camera and Kodak Instamatic, whilst on holiday in Rhyl
during the sixties and then in the 70's and 80's with an ordinary SLR.

Allowing for the basic equipment he used, the quality is amazing.

The following photos are another rare insight into the winding down of the steam era
in the North Wales area during the 60's and the introduction of the diesel traction.

Mike also took some rare shots of the Holyhead Breakwater railway which are also shown below.
These shots have previously been published in a magazine
specialising in industrial railways.

He also took a few shots of A4 60009 'Union of South Africa' masquerading as
60027 'Merlin' in 1991.

Mike travelled on the train from Rhyl to Holyhead
via Llandudno and tells me that there were quite a few empty seats.
A couple of the photos from that day are shown below.

All photos are copyright protected and the permission of Michael Henney
must be obtained through the email link to this website
before any attempt is made to publish or copy any image.



The first shot shows Class 47 No.47647 at Bangor on September 4th 1986.

47647 on the 0911 Euston to Holyhead.

The four photos below were taken at Swindon Works on April 24th 1976.

The first shot shows Vale of Rheidol (No.7), minus it's boiler, undergoing major overhaul.
The engine was still owned and operated by BR at this time.

Coronation class 46229 'Duchess of Hamilton' was probably undergoing cosmetic work for static display
at the National Railway Museum who took her initially on a twenty year loan in 1976 from
Butlins Minehead holiday camp.

  46229 had been on static display at Minehead since withdrawal in the 1960's.

  The NRM eventually purchased the "Duchess" during the loan period in 1987.

24045 was probably awaiting the cutters torch in this line shown below.

A worn out looking D1006 awaiting the torch.


The photo below shows an excited crowd of photographers fighting for position to capture
'King' class 6000 "King George V" leaving Chester on the return leg of a special on April 26th 1975.

On September 3rd 1991 Mike travelled from Rhyl to Holyhead via Llandudno behind A4 60009
" Union of South Africa" masquerading as 60027 "Merlin"

The two shots below show the engine leaving Holyhead and then about to leave Llandudno Junction
with the North Wales Coast Express.


The following two shots were taken at the Holyhead Breakwater outpost on 5th September 1978.
Mike arrived there by following the directions in his shed directory and after a long walk he was rewarded
with the rare shots below.

The first two shots show working operational shunter 01002.

The following three photos were taken at the Holyhead Breakwater outpost on July 2nd 1979.

The first shot below shows petrol locomotive TR 23.

This shot is looking towards Holyhead mountain.

This last shot shows the loco shed and workshops.


This next shot shows  Ex - 6G class 5 No. 44661 at Stoke shed (5D) on July 30th 1967.
Mike thinks the shed closed the following month.


This following photo is an interesting shot. The last locomotive to leave 6G before closure, which
is described on the "Final Curtain" page, was class 5 No. 45050.

There is a very moving photo of this engine about to leave the doomed 6G shed on the "Final Curtain" page.

Mike has provided details of where this loco ended it's working days below.

The photo below shows 45050 at (5D) Stoke, after closure, on October 23rd 1967 awaiting
  removal to it's final resting place.

This shot shows a closed (6A) Chester shed, from a passing train on June 17th 1967,  showing
"dead" loco's awaiting disposal.

Stanier 2-cyl loco No. 42647 entering Chester with a Birkenhead to Paddington service on August 23rd 1966.
Mike probably travelled to Wrexham on this train as he has a couple of photos
taken at Croes Newydd on that day.

46254 "City of Stoke on Trent" at Rhyl.
Mike's notes indicate it was a Saturday in June 1963 as the engine took him as far as Crewe, where probably
a (5D) Black five finished the journey to Stoke and possibly Uttoxeter.


The next four photos show A2 60532 "Blue Peter" passing through Llandudno Junction
on August 21st 1966.


70000 " Britannia " minus nameplates, on 6G July 10th 1965.

Britannia class 70015 "Apollo" minus nameplates waits for the "off" at Rhyl in June 1963.

'Merchant Navy' class 35028 "Clan Line" at Chester on September 4th 1978.

35028 again at Chester on April 26th 1975.

Standard class 4, 2-6-0 No. 76095 on (6A) Chester (midland) shed 0n August 23rd 1966.

2-6-4T No. 80131 rests at 6G on July 10th 1965.

'Princess' class 46201 "Princess Elizabeth" at Rhyl with the North Wales Coast Express
on September 5th 1990.

2-6-2T No. 84001 in the bay platform at Rhyl in June 1963.

The following three shots show "new" Brush type 4 loco's at Llandudno Junction on July 14th 1965.




D7532 at Llandudno Junction on July 17th 1965.

Jubilee class 45635 "Tobago" on a very rainy Saturday, at Rhyl, in June 1963.

(Left to right) 40109 - 40027 - 40032 all wait at Llandudno to return their
day trippers home on September 5th 1980.

40170 with the 17-37 Llandudno  -  Stoke on Trent train pauses at Colwyn Bay whilst 40026 approaches with
the 15-40 Manchester Victoria to Bangor train on July 16th 1980.

24082 at Colwyn Bay with the 09-42 Llandudno to Manchester Victoria bound train on July 4th 1978.

40028 at Rhyl with the 09-00 Llandudno to York train on July 12th 1980.

Jubilee class No. 45647 "Sturdee" reversing stock out of Llandudno station on August 20th 1966,
does anyone recognize the station porter?

45647 0n 6G on August 21st 1966, after working the previous days special to Llandudno shown above.

'Princess' class 46201 "Princess Elizabeth" in a cutting at Abergele circa September 1990.

Standard class 5, No.73035 on 6G on August 20th 1966.


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