Ken Mumford's


Ken Mumford is the Secretary and Editor of the Abergavenny and District Steam Society but in the late 50's and early 60's he was an avid
train spotter who, like several other far - sighted spotters on this site, made and kept records of his trips to capture
engine numbers that were soon to be fast disappearing from our railways as the forthcoming "Beeching axe" was about to be implemented.

Ken has opened up his notebook which logs a trip to North Wales with his family for their annual holiday in August 1959.
There is also some interesting data from Chester and Crewe amongst the notes.

Once again we are able to re - visit a distant railway memory through the notes captured by an eager young spotter
who had the foresight to preserve his notes from those glorious days.

Ken has written a short introduction to his page below to give some background to his trip and details of his notebook entries.



When I look at the spotting notes below Iím surprised at the number of  Ďcopsí I had during that August 1959 holiday at Llandudno and also
the number of days I spent train spotting.

 These are the bits I remember though not the dates and they are in the order that come to mind.

At Llandudno junction station I can remember seeing a westbound local train hauled by an LMS 2-6-4T (no other details).
  It had a small hole in it's right hand tank allowing water to dribble out.
 Itís driver also boasted that he could beat the DMUís between certain stations in that area.

At that time I regularly took the Eagle comic. It had an offer on free child tickets, or was it reduced child tickets? 
They were available on boat trips from places like Llandudno.
  From Llandudno they were only available for trips to the Isle of Man.  Mum , Dad and I decided to book a trip on the SS Tudno to Liverpool.
Mum tried to argue, when we were buying the tickets, that I went for free according to the Eagle comic.
The shipís company representative said that such tickets were available on trips to the Isle of Man but not to Liverpool, so off we sailed to Liverpool.
I canít remember the trip to Liverpool or in Liverpool itself Ė but the return journey was memorable.
We were sitting on the ships deck outside, waiting for the casting off, and I was reading what I now regard as pornographic literature Ė Ian Allanís ABC diesels.
Suddenly from on high a double page of this book was filled with the waste matter of a seagull passing overhead.
Was this an indication from God that such material was not desirable for my eyes!  Somehow Mum made the best of cleaning up this excretion.

Although the numbers of the Snowdon Mountain Railway locomotives are recorded we certainly did not travel on that line.
  Since all of the locomotives seem to be recorded it is possible that Dad and I must have been allowed into the locomotive yard at Llanberis.
On a recent visit, Some 40 + years later, I was not allowed into the yard.  Indeed I had to go up to the summit with a diesel but only after the booking clerk
could see that I was adamant that I was not travelling by diesel.  But I did  Ė why?  Because he let my son go for half price.

The guest house we stayed at was run by two sisters, one of whom had a set of loose false teeth which caused her to speak with a hiss!!
You didnít need an alarm clock to wake up at the guest house as the seagulls screaming in the early morning did that!!

Looking at the 'cops' I have recorded it is interesting to note how many of them are in preservation today.

I remember when travelling from Llandudno Junction to Llandudno by train, at Deganwy, the beach was easily accessible from the nearby road.
  When we tried it in Dadís car (a 1946 Austin 10) that was not correct.

Whilst spotting at Crewe I recorded D222, but little did I realize at that time, how future spotting would change.


The scans of my Locolog notebook are shown below and I hope site visitors find them of interest.

These are my 'cops' during a holiday at Llandudno in August 1959 when I was, what we now call, aYear 9 student at Bedwellty Grammar School in the Rhymney Valley, South Wales.

The column headed CODE tells me how many of that particular class I have 'copped'. The column headed REMARKS tells me where I saw that particular 'cop'.

I came across the 6G website as I was looking for a photo of THE SHAMROCK express in steam days to go with a snippet on
an unusual interest happening to that express in January 1959 whilst preparing the January issue of the A&DSS (see below) magazine - THE COAL TANK.

Itís a long story how my wife (of 44 years) and I came to live in Swindon and another long story how I became the Secretary and Editor of the



This is the front of Ken's Locolog notebook which holds all of the notes shown below.

The following scans show the original pages of notes Ken made on that trip to Llandudno in 1959 that he describes above.

They show many local locations along with some details covering Holyhead, Chester and Crewe along with various other
places he visited before and after his family holiday including a visit he made to France and Berne the capital of Switzerland.
Ken also recorded some Southern Region engines at Folkstone, Newport and Ashford.

Ken has also provided eleven more pages from the above LOCOLOG BOOK which show engines at various locations and dates.



45015 to the Snowdon Mountain Railway numbers (August 10th 1959)

45130 to 44868 (August 3rd 1959)


41158  (I was surprised to see a compound at 6G but possibly it was sent there because 6G had a spare space)
40635   (according to my ABC 1960, combined reprint, this was a Somerset & Dorset -  yet to be withdrawn engine)

40128 to 45095 (August 3rd 1959)

44911 to 90566 (August 4th 1959)


90257 to M79652 (August 4th 1959)

73040 to 46127 (August 5th 1959)

42971 to 42848 (August 6th 1959)

45311 to 42567 Penmaenmawr (August 6th 1959)


42544 to 41234 Penmaenmawr (August 6th 1959)

Swiss and French locomotives recorded previously to Ken's North Wales holiday.

44800 to 44710 Llandudno - Crewe (undated but same holiday - August 1959)


Llandudno  - Chester - Crewe (undated but same holiday - August 1959)


40658  (was possibly stored at Chester as it was not in the aforementioned  A B C combined)

Crewe - Chester - Rhyl - Holyhead (undated but same holiday - August 1959)


70046 & 46150 (August 12th 1959)

73127 to 42594 (August 14th 1959) End of holiday.

46131 & 45281 (August 15th 1959)

34083 to 31317 (July 25th 1959) Folkstone - Newport - Ashford.