Gone but not forgotten.


There were so many people who worked on the railway locally during the 'Glorious years' but now sadly with the passage of time we realize
that more and more of these dedicated workers are passing away.

This page has unfortunately become necessary because as time goes by more and more announcements are needed.

Most of the detail in the following page has been researched by Derek Williams and Derek has made it
an important part of his enquiries to make sure that surviving family members are consulted and are happy for the
details to be published on this page.

Any details or announcements that relatives feel would be appropriate to add to this page would be welcome.

  Contact to this website can be made initially through the email link on the HOMEPAGE.

Any relevant contributions of memories relevant to announcements, from workmates, family members or friends are welcome and
will be considered for publication.

Because of the sensitive nature of the detail on this page if any errors are noticed please inform me through the email link mentioned above.


Previous announcements have been published on the archive NEWS PAGES so it is fitting that they should be acknowledged on this page.

A list of announcements previously published, with more detail and photographs, are shown below with a link to the relevant NEWSPAGE and an entry date for easier location.










WILF SCRAGG               NEWSPAGE ENTRY DATE  12/06/2013



October 22nd 2020.


Passed away October 14th 2020 aged 89 years.

The funeral order of service booklet front, taking place on November 4th 2020 at Crewe Crematorium, is shown below.

Bertie was born on November 30th 1930.

He entered railway service on March 18th 1946 at 6G, aged 16 years,  and progressed to become a driver.

He was transferred from 6G to Crewe in the 1960s.

This photo below shows  Driver Bertie Edwards on the footplate of  Coronation Class No. 46229 "Duchess of Hamilton" at Llandudno Junction on July 7th 1991.

Thanks to Bertie's son, Mike Edwards, for above photo.

MIke tells me that one of the main things he remembers, that is railway related about his dad, was that towards the end of
 his career (he retired in 1993) he had no good things to say about the stuff he drove.

The only time he didn't come home complaining about rattles and draughts was when he'd been driving one of the steam specials.

Below are some photos of Bertie at the June 26th 2003 railway reunion at Llandudno Junction Labour Club.


May 2nd 2020.


Passed away April 11th 2020. (Aged 92 years)

Wyn with 6G workmates is shown below.


May 2nd 2020.


Passed away Monday April 13th 2020. (aged 91 years)

Norman was a driver at 6G and is shown on the right, in the photo below, with fellow driver Don Simson.

Norman enjoying a social gathering with work colleagues.


May 2nd 2020.


Passed away February 2020, (Aged 82 years).

The photo on the above commemorative sheet shows Bruce in the cab of Jubilee Cass 45650 'Blake'.
Bruce worked as a fireman at 6G. He left railway service in 1961.

The photo below shows Bruce with his 'pride and joy'. A Triumph motor bike, at the rear of where he lived on Kings Road, Llandudno, circa 1950's.


February 29th 2020.


Passed away February 10th 2020  -  Aged 94 years.

The front and rear Order of Service sheets are shown below.

A family announcement is shown below.

The following two photos show Reg at work with fellow 6G men.

This first shot shows Reg playing cards in the rest room at 6G.

This shot shows Reg (sitting extreme right) enjoying the company of fellow 6G men at the 2016 Reunion, at the Queen's Hotel Llandudno.

This shot below, by Norman Kneale, shows Reg on the footplate (left) with fellow 6G driver D.M.Jones, awaiting the right away at Cwm y Glo station
on the now closed Llanberis branch.

Another shot below of Reg relaxing in the rest room. Reg is at the back with his cap on and sitting in front of the notice board.

Another shot below shows Reg at the 2016 reunion at the Queen's Hotel Llandudno. Reg  is on the extreme left.

This last shot shows Reg about to make a crew change, at 6G, on the "Horse and carriage" behind Princess Royal Class 4-6-2 No. 46204 'Princess Louise'

Although the photo doesn't make identity clear, Derek Williams identified Reg by the lunch box carried under his arm.



October 20th 2019.

Passed away October 8th 2019.
Aged 89 years.

Below is the front and rear funeral order of service sheet.

Below is a press announcement giving details of Don's passing.

Two photographs are shown below of Don with some of his workmates at 6G.
The first one shows Don on the left when he was a Fireman.

This next photo shows Don (left), a little later when he was a driver, alongside workmate Norman Williams.

Below is a list of Footplate staff from 6G and 7A giving Date they entered railway service and dates of birth and some nicknames, which was
a popular railway procedure to identify work colleagues.

Don is shown below underlined.


October 5th 2019.

Died December 23rd 2000
(Aged 73 Years)

Below is the order of service sheet for the funeral of 6G driver George Roberts, from Colwyn Bay Crematorium on December 29th 2000.

6G Driver, George Roberts, at work in cab of a class 47.

George, left,  enjoys a break in 6G mess room with colleague driver George Mckean.

This 1980's view below shows George , left, alongside G.I.Williams (nickname "Traws"), another 6G driver, standing alongside
 Rhyl locomotive 47702 a Scottish Push - Pull loco.


February 20th 2019.

October 23rd 1926 - January 30th 2019.
(Aged 92 years)

Ivor entered railway service on January 1st 1943 aged 17 years. His nickname was "Candid Camera" as he was always
pursuing his hobby of taking photographs, even at work.

He started work at Holyhead locomotive depot, where he passed out as a driver, then moved to Bangor shed before moving to 6G for a short time.
He then moved to Saltley shed and then on to Birkenhead shed. He moved back to 6G during the 1960's where he worked until his retirement.

Some personal details of Ivor are shown below compiled by his family to commemorate his life.

The photo below shows Ivor on his wedding day with his late wife Eurgain.

The following photographs show Ivor at work, relaxing at home and at a railway event.

Driver Ivor Williams oiling an 8F Ex LMS Doncaster built locomotive.

Ivor is on the right in this picture with a fellow workmate.

Ivor enjoying a railway event.

Ivor relaxing at home in this shot below.


November 12th 2018.

Passed away on October 17th 2018.
(Aged 93 years)

The front and rear of the order of service sheet are shown below along with a press cutting of the announcement of the funeral.

Idris worked three shifts at 6G.
6.00am - 2.00pm / 2.00pm - 10.00pm  / 10.00pm - 6.00am.

He worked as a Fire-Dropper at 6G shed cleaning Fireboxes, Smoke boxes and ash pans to prepare the steam engines for a return to main line working.

He would have to drop the fire to the ash pan then go under the engine on the pit and rake the fire from the ash pan into the pit.
Then hose it all down with water.  Very hot and hard work.


October 25th 2018.

December 4th 1942 - October 10th 2018

Lionel worked in the General Office at 6G locomotive shed.

 He went on to work at the telegraph office at Rhyl station.

He then went on to work as a porter at Colwyn Bay station.

The order of service sheet from Lionel's funeral is shown below.

This photo below shows Lionel (6th from the left) at Arthur Ollerton's retirement.


June 26th 2018.


Passed away May 26th 2018 aged 86 years.

Another sad announcement as 6G loses another piece of the old shed's history.

The order of service sheet front and back are shown below along with the newspaper announcement of the sad occasion along with
 several photos of Noel at work on the railway

Noel about to climb aboard the engine along with Gwynfor Roberts at Holyhead yard.

This is a shot of the "Booking on Room" at Llandudno Junction showing
(left to right)

Noel driving a class 25 on the Trawsfyndd branch.


March 7th 2018.

TOM TAYLOR (Signalman)
Born 1877 - Passed away 1966.

Below is an email from Sheila Clifford who's grandfather, Tom Taylor, was a signalman locally.
I wonder if anyone remembers Tom who could possibly add any more information.

I don't suppose anyone is old enough to remember Tom Taylor a signalman for 50 years, many of them at Llandudno Junction.
 He died in 1966. A photo for your collection.

Regards, Sheila (nťe Taylor)

Sheila has added further details about Tom below.

My grandfather Thomas Taylor was born in 1877, the son of a blacksmith. He grew up on Anglesey. He worked helping his dad for a while then trained as
 a railway signalman, firstly at Holyhead, then several stations in North Wales, including Rhyl, Abergele, Llanfairfechan, but most of his working life from 1926 
onward, he was at Llandudno Junction.

 He lived in Conwy - an easy walk to work. In his spare time he loved walking and was also a keen gardener.
 In all he served for 50 years and I know he loved his work, and took great pride in it.  I remember him as a kind, patient man, with a wonderful singing voice.
He died in 1966.

Tom Taylor at work.


September 24th 2017.


Roger Carvell contacted me, whilst I was on holiday earlier this month, to give me the sad news that the photographer John Hobbs had passed away.

John was such a great help to me during the early days of compiling this website and I shall always be grateful to him for his help and especially his
 wonderful photographs of working steam in our area.

I don't have any details of dates when John died or funeral arrangements but I felt it was appropriate to acknowledge John's passing and his help to this website.

John, along with Roger Carvell, Derek Williams and myself recently helped the company 'Cinerail' with locations for a now released DVD showing
 archive steam around Britain, which is reviewed on the DVD review page on this website.

 I was pleased that John emailed me earlier this month, just before his death, to let me know he had received the complimentary DVD that
 I had sent him, which credited him with his help.

Some of John's fine work can be seen on the JOHN HOBBS PAGE on this website.

A further tribute to John can be viewed on Charlie Hulme's website NORTH WALES COAST RAILWAY.

John was particularly proud of a painting, inspired by one of his photographs, by the railway artist Alan Fisher, which is shown below taken from the ALAN FISHER PAGE on this website

Railway artist Alan Fisher first approached this website requesting permission to paint a copy of a photograph by John of a view of
Birmingham Snow Hill station in 1965.

John Hobbs gave his full permission - so Alan set about the task of trying to capture the feel of the 'cathedral of steam' which was Snow Hill in the
60's shown in John's photo, which even John told me he felt Alan had achieved.

The photo shows "Manor" No. 7827 'Lydham Manor' and GWR 2-6-2 T No. 4178.

John's photo is reproduced below and then Alan's painting is shown below this and below that is a new painting with corrected livery changes.

Alan has now corrected the inaccurate liveries and the new scan is shown below but I have also left the original painting
as I think this is worthy of inclusion as it shows the artist's original interpretation of the scene which John was also happy with.




Many thanks John, for all of the memories you have left us. Rest in peace!


April 18th 2017.


MARCH 25TH 1938 - MARCH 30TH 2017.

Aled entered service at 6G depot in 1954 aged 16 years becoming a fireman at the shed.
Aled- nickname 'Sparrow' went on loan in 1966 to Nine Elms shed (70A) along with 6G colleagues Brian Jones, Jock Slaven, and
Bob Barnsdale. Aled returned to 6G after a few months but the rest of the party returned home just before 6G closed in October 1966.

Below are the front and backs of the funeral order of service sheet along with several photographs of Aled at work and at a previous reunion gathering.

Aled on the footplate of  6G engine Black Five No. 44864 in the 1960's.

Aled at the 2016 reunion gathering at the Queens Hotel, Llandudno.


April 18th 2017.


19TH FEBRUARY 1924 - 24TH MARCH 2017.

John entered railway service on October 6th 1947 aged 24 years.
John's nickname was 'John Gyffin'.
John became a driver at (6G) Llandudno Junction depot.

Below are the front and backs of the funeral order of service sheet along with the press cutting announcement and some
photographs of John.

John in the cab of a class 45 at 6G in the 1980's.

John is pictured above (fifth from the left on the front row) in this photograph of 6G men gathering at the previous funeral of a deceased
colleague at the Colwyn Bay crematorium a few years ago.

John with 6G colleagues at a previous reunion gathering.


January 6th 2017.


BORN - August 3rd 1942.
PASSED AWAY - December 18th 2016.
aged 74 years.

David entered railway service aged 19 years on May 15th 1961.
David's family nickname was "Davy Tractor" but his railway nickname was "Dave Farmer"

Derek Williams tells me that the service at Colwyn Bay Crematorium, on January 5th 2017, was very well attended by family,
friends and ex-railway colleagues.

Below are the front and backs of the funeral order of service sheet and the press cutting announcement.


August 16th 2016.

DILYS PRICE (nee Hughes)

PASSED AWAY APRIL 30th 2016 Aged 95 years old.

The sad news that Dilys Price has passed away was conveyed to me by her son Trefor Price.
Trefor tells me that Dilys was the last person to survive from the photograph of the station staff shown on


Although not a 6G worker Dilys warrants inclusion on this "IN MEMORIAM" page as she was included in the
"Llandudno Junction station and shed staff " page and worked in the
telegraph office, at the station, between 1936 - 1948.

Dilys was born on September 9th 1920.
 She left the railway when she married in 1948 as they didn't allow married women to work on the railway in 1948.
The rule was changed twelve months later.

Llandudno Junction Telegraph Office staff 1942-1943
Left to Right - Dilys Price. Olwen Edwards and Eleanor Jones.

Olwen Edwards has also passed away, possibly in 2014.


June 17th 2016.

Passed away May 18th 2016 Aged 88 years.

Below are a selection of photos showing Bill Price at work taken by Alan Hayward.

6G driver Bill Price on the right with G. Roberts in the cab of a class 45.

Bill on the left with guard and photographer Alan Hayward.

Another shot of Bill and Alan Hayward at Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Bill Price driving a class 47 on the Trawsfyndd branch circa 1980's

Bill Price and driver John Harold Jones on gunpowder trip in Blaenau Ffestiniog yard standing in front of a class 47.


May 20th 2016.

An email from Richard Roberts, who is the son of 6G driver Aled Roberts, is reproduced below in which
he informs me of the passing of his father.

(Passed away May 18th 2016 aged 88 years)

Hi Geoff,

It is with sadness that I have to inform you that my father Aled Roberts passed away yesterday 18th May 2016 aged 88.
He was a driver at 6G Llandudno Junction and previously 6H Bangor.

Dad started working for the railway in the Bangor sheds in 1941 at the age of 14 cleaning out fire boxes and boilers on the old steam trains.
He then became a fireman and eventually worked his way up to a driver, both on the old steam trains and later the diesel locomotives.
He had completed 47 yearsí service for the railway by the time he retired in 1988/89 with the latter years working from 6G sheds.
My earliest memory of him was driving the Irish Mail train (the Emerald Isle) from Crewe to Bangor in the 1960ís.
Steam Trains and his family was his life right to the end, he had lots of stories about the old days and could name any train going.
Itís sad that those memories and experiences are now gone forever.

There are some photos of my father on your website under the Welsh Metals page, but Iíve attached some to this e-mail for you.
All taken by Norman Kneale.

Dadís funeral will be at Bangor Crematorium on Wednesday 25th May at 11:00am.

Kind Regards,

Richard Roberts and Family.

This photo is a more up to date photo of Aled.

Below is the funeral service sheet and the local press announcement in Welsh and English.

Below are three more photos of Aled.

Aled in Sprinter cab at night.
Bob Walker Ex. Bangor driver on platform.

Left to right - Aled, Les Williams and John Kirwood on Carrog station on the Llangollen Railway on October 4th 2003 when
a Black Five ran as 45282 - the Llandudno Junction Club train which ran from Llandudno to Manchester.

Aled in the cab of a Class 25.


March 10th 2016.


 An email from Ken Robinson is reproduced below in which he advises me of the passing away of
6G fireman Elwyn Lloyd Williams.

Dear Geoff - thought you'd like to know that Elwyn Lloyd Williams passed away March 6th 2016 aged 81.

He was a fireman at 6G from around 1946 until around 1961 after which he went to work like many other railwaymen to Trawsfynydd Power Station.

He appears on the 6G list of Llandudno Junction men and had the nickname 'LWL' I believe.

His funeral will take place at Capel Salem Porthmadog next Tuesday 15th March at 11:00am - it's in the Daily Post today (10/03/16).

Elwyn loved talking about his time on the railways and steam engines, and will be sadly missed by the local community here in Minffordd where he'd lived for many years.

Attached is a photo he gave me  (See below) of himself at Llandudno Junction having brought one of the first type 4 diesels in with 'Dic Llangefni' I think, on 15th October 1959.

Yours truly - Ken Robinson (a regular 6G reader)

Elwyn is pictured standing beside the Type 4 to the right with driver Robert John of Llangefni standing to the left.
(Derek Williams)

Below is the funeral order of service sheet.


February 29th 2016.

Born October 23rd 1927 - Passed away January 19th 2016.
Aged 88 years.


Bill Rudge first of all joined the Royal Navy before entering service on the railway on March 2nd 1948 aged 21 eventually becoming a driver based at 6G.

Below are the front and back of the order of service details.

Below is a cutting from the local press announcing the above funeral service.

The photo below shows the late Ken Davies (left) and Bill Rudge (right)

This photo below was taken at the 6G shed reunion at Llandudno Junction Labour Club on June 26th 2003.

The photo below shows Bill standing in cab doorway of Class 24, No. 24 091, with John Owen in window.


October 11th 2015.


I received an email (reproduced below) from Janet Taylor, who is the granddaughter of ex - Rhyl driver Percy Harrison in which she informs me that he passed away in 1986.

I am just watching a TV programme about steam trains and was inspired to look on-line for the Welsh Dragon.

 My grandfather, Percy Harrison, was a train driver based in Rhyl  for 45years ( I have his clock presented on his retirement in 1964) and I believe that he was a driver on that train.

He ran away from a solicitor's office to join the railways where he worked until 65, he passed away in 1986.

 He remained living at 11 Ellis Ave, Rhyl in retirement and went on to build two fabulous working steam model locomotives.

 I have newspaper cuttings of him pulling wooden seats full of children with one of them.
 The other is still owned by my father Gordon, age 89years.

 I have enjoyed looking at the information and pictures on your website, thank you. Janet Taylor.

Below is a photo of the model engine that Percy built, mentioned above.


March 31st 2015.


August 23rd 1932  -  February 28th 2015

Derek joined the army at Kinmel Bay as a PT Instructor at the age of eighteen for two years service.
Leaving the army aged twenty he took up employment with a builder.
He entered railway service in 1954 at 6G working his way up to Fireman on the footplate.
He left the railway during the 1960's and went to work at Quenton Hazel at Mochdre until he retired.

Derek's late Father in Law was Percy J Bethall, who some may remember was a driver at 6G.
He was born on December 9th 1902 entering railway service on May 16th 1918 at the age of 16 years.

Below is another photo of Derek.


Below is a short announcement from the North Wales Weekly News.


January 16th 2015.

1937 - 2014

John (nickname - "Concho") passed away on December 22nd 2014 aged 77 years.

He was a fitter at Llandudno Junction and entered service on July 26th 1953 aged 16 years.

He served his apprenticeship at Crewe Works and also worked at Rhyl locomotive
depot during 1962 - 1963.

John retired from the railway in 1966 and went to work for Quinton Hazel, Mochdre, as a
maintenance fitter until his retirement.

John also volunteered for the Wales Air Ambulance for many years.

The funeral order of service sheet and photographs of John, with workmates, at 6G are shown below.


This photo below of John with, boiler smith Les Ryder, shows them on Rhyl turntable (6K) in 1957.


John was amongst a working party of men, shown in the photo below, re-railing  Ivatt 2-6-2T No. 41235 at Llanrwst in 1958 after
a kitten unfortunately became jammed in the points which derailed the engine.

Workers from left to right are:
Huw Gray - fitters mate / Davey Reed - fitters mate / Joe Dickenson - Mechanical Foreman /
John H Davies - fitter / Dick Owen - charge hand fitter / Bill Williams - Tuber & fitters mate /
George Cassidy - fitters mate.

Below is a local newspaper cutting reporting the unfortunate event.


November 27th 2014.

1895 - 1978

Passed away 1978  -  Aged 83 years.

Will joined the railway in 1908 at 6G (at that time 7A) and eventually became a driver retiring in 1960.

The announcement sheet and two photographs of Will are shown below.

William Evans was the Father in Law of Harry Geoffrey Littleford who sadly passed away in 2013 and whose announcement is shown below.


November 27th 2014.

(1926 - 2013)

Passed away 2013.

Harry was a Fireman at 6G but left the railway in the 1960's due to the Beeching cuts.

As stated in the previous announcement Harry was the Son in Law of William Evans (Will Bricks) who died in 1978.

Below is the Funeral order of service sheet and some photographs of Harry.

This photograph was taken in 1947 when Harry was 20 years old.


October 22nd 2014.


Passed away September 14th 2014.

Several photos of Dennis are shown below.

On Llandudno Junction station.

Dennis standing in cab doorway.

Dennis with another 6G driver Norman Read.

Dennis on the left with Bob Roberts (office).

Dennis in the cab with two young enthusiasts.


March 8th 2014.


Passed away February 11th 2014.

Driver Vic Thomas stands by his engine Merchant Navy class 35028 "Clan Line"

Vic is seen here in the centre enjoying the company of workmates at a 6G reunion gathering.

Vic is on the footplate below, alongside John Calvert, driving the same engine as above but on a different day.

Alan Roberts writes (February 19th 2014)

I saw and read today in the Daily Post it was quite sad to see that Vic Thomas ex-Llandudno Junction driver has passed away aged 78.

Think he started back at Rhyl shed and for many years was based in Chester before transferring to Llandudno Junction.

Alan Roberts.

Some kind words and memories of Vic by Ex-6G driver Barry W Taylor are shown below.

Just read of the sad news of ex Junction driver Vic Thomas.

I knew Vic well from when I started as a trainman at Llandudno Junction, he was also my Minder Driver
when I was doing my driver training.

He had lots of sayings some I cannot print but one was when you approached a signal at danger Vic would say
"this side of the signal is yours the other side belongs to the signalman" has always stuck in my mind.

Another he told me was when we where on our way to Amlwch with the tanks early one morning (03:45 am) he said "this is the worst job in
the world" but when we returned to the Junction at about !0:30 am he said " On reflection - this is the best job in the world".

He was a proper railwayman and will be missed I'm sure by lots of people

Barry W Taylor.

An email from David Thomas (nephew of Vic Thomas) is reproduced below.

Hello Geoff,

I have just read the kind words expressed by former colleagues concerning the sad passing of my late Uncle, Vic Thomas, ex Llandudno Junction driver.

Vic was certainly a character and I have fond memories of him as a young lad when on occasions I would meet him at Dyserth Station
(former Prestatyn-Meliden-Dyserth branch line) when he used to collect the lime wagons from the quarry-empty wagons were shunted
across a bridge as it was too weak to handle the steam engine itself and gravity did the rest! I had many a ride on the engine-what a thrill.

Years later after he retired Vic was often asked to drive heritage engines along the North Wales Coast and I recall once he rang me and asked me
to bring my own young son to Llandudno Junction as he was bringing in a "special" engine;
I don't recall which one but on arrival he proceeded to lift my son onto the foot-plate with him.

With this,
some very official type/ transport inspector who was also on the foot-plate told Vic that children were not allowed on the engine and it was
against regulations; Vic took exception to this and responded by climbing off the engine with my son in his arms and duly told the poor man
that given his "attitude" he'd best drive the ruddy engine to Holyhead himself!!

I can still see that man's look of utter horror as Vic strode off down the platform; needless to say he did eventually go back to the
engine, as did my son! Happy Days.

Vic was indeed based at Chester for many years and at Llan. Junction and he retired to live in Rhuddlan.
He is survived by his wife Betty and his daughter Sian and sons Gwyn and Gareth.

His funeral took place at Colwyn Bay Crematorium last Monday 24th Feb 2014 and it was lovely to see many former Llan. Junction and Chester railwaymen
paying their respects to him.

If anyone has any photos of Vic at work I will be grateful for a copy as Vic wasn't the best with a camera!

Thank you for mentioning him in your news; it means a lot to the family.

Kindest Regards, David P Thomas


March 8th 2014.


Passed away January 28th 2014.
Aged 85 years.

Driver David on the footplate.

David driving  47 194

David standing by his engine 47 457 waiting for " the off "


March 8th 2014.


Passed away January 7th 2014.
Aged 80 years.

The photo below shows passed fireman Alun driving under the watchful eye of driver Aled Roberts.

Another shot of the same footplate crew with Aled firing for Alun.

In this January 1961 view by Norman Kneale  passed fireman Alun Wyn Thomas is seen standing by the engine
before taking over during a crew change.