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My one and only visit to Woodham's scrapyard at Barry, during 1985, was an experience which as many others who
made that 'pilgrimage' will have found was to say the least a sight to which words cannot satisfactorily express.

 I think the majority of people on their arrival would stand and be entranced by what lay before them.

 The day I went I didn't see another soul in the yard, it was all 'mine' for 3 or 4 hours.

 Most of the locomotives had moved on and a lot had already been restored by the time I went but the feelings and thoughts
must have been very similar for all 'pilgrims' and potential purchasers alike, and now even 'Barry scrapyard' itself is a memory.

It is not possible to quantify the value, to our railway history, of the contribution of the Barry phenomenon.

All those people who have expended much blood, sweat, tears, time and 'Money' to create and enable us, our children and children's children
 to enjoy what many would have thought was an impossible dream.

 Pockets of our steam railway history throughout the land and beyond, and the benefit of the sights depicted on the photographs below.

 To all those whose efforts we acknowledge - we salute you !

(Allan Judd)

All of the unique photographs on this page were taken by Allan Judd.

Please contact this website through the email link on the HOMEPAGE before any attempt is made to copy any of these previously unpublished images.

4277 / 34046 'Braunton'

34046 'Braunton'

Stanier 5 MT's 44901 & 45163

4253 & 8F 48173

4253 & 8F 48173

73156 / 6984 'Owsden Hall' /45163 / ? / 35011'General Steam Navigation'

9F No. 92245

35025 'Brocklebank Line' / 34958 'Sir Frederick Pile' & 2874

(left to right) - 5552 / ? / 80072 / 76077

8F -  No.48305

(left to right) - 80072 / ? / 76077 / ? / ? /

BR Standard class 4MT No.76077

8F -  No. 48173. This was such a sad sight showing the neglect of these once proud workhorses.

(left to right) - 4277 - 73156 - 6984 'Owsden Hall' .

The two shots below show Hughes - Fowler LMS "Crab" No. 42859 ready to be rescued. Sadly the engine is now in serious
danger of finally being cut - up, due to a legal dispute between it's owner, James Arkell, and a company claiming ownership of the former
RAF Binbrook airfield in Lincolnshire, where it has been stored since March 1995.
The engine has never steamed since leaving Barry and it now looks as though it never will.

(left to right)  -  / ? / 5559 /6984 'Owsden Hall' / 73156 / 4277 / 34046 'Braunton'

(left to right)  -  / ? / ? / ? / 35011 'General Steam Navigation'

4-6-2 Merchant Navy class No. 35011 'General Steam Navigation'

(left to right)  - / 45163 / 6984 'Owsden Hall' /

(left to right)   -  / ? / 4277 / 73156 /

Churchward design, 2-8-0T No. 4253

(left to right)    -   / 73156 / 6984 'Owsden Hall' / 45163 /

(left to right)   -   / 44901 / 73156 / 48173 (behind Tender) /

(left to right)   -   4277 / 44901 / 34046 'Braunton'

The following photos show some of the saved engines from Barry, and others, working in
preservation at various locations on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Rebuilt West Country Class 34027 'Taw Valley' pulls out of Grosmont towards the shed. (Photographed 8th Oct.1994)

34027 arrived in Barry in Dec.1964 and left for preservation in Apr.1980.

75014 & 30841 (TF) double - headed, approach Levisham with a train for Pickering (Photographed 8th Oct.1994)
30841 arrived in Barry in June 1964 and left for preservation in September 1972.

30841 & 75014 emerging from Northdale at Eller Beck with a train for Grosmont

0-6-2T 6619 approaches Moorgates with a train for Grosmont. (Photographed 4th Oct.1986).
6619 arrived in Barry in November 1963 and left for preservation in October 1974

Rebuilt West Country Class 34101 'Hartland' stands in Goathland with a Pullman service for Pickering.
(Photographed 8th October 1995)
34101 arrived in Barry in October 1966 and left for preservation in July 1978

80135 Stands in Grosmont ready to depart with a train for Pickering.
(Photographed 5th Jul.1999)
[80135 2-6-4T arrived in Barry in Jan.1966 and left for preservation in Apr.1973]

2-6-4T 80135 doubleheads a train with 5MT 44767 'George Stephenson' through Northdale towards Newtondale Halt

with a Pickering bound train. (Photographed 6th October 2000 )

Southern Railway S15 828 [Robert A Frith] (BR 30828) runs into Grosmont
for its next turn of duty (Photographed 6th Oct.2000)
[S15 30828 arrived in Barry in Jun.1964 and left for preservation in Mar.1981]

Rebuilt West Country Class 34101 'Hartland' runs through Northdale with a train for Pickering. (Photographed 6th Oct.2000)

4MT 75014 Stands in Grosmont with a train for Pickering. (Photographed 8th Oct.1994)
[75014 arrived in Barry in Oct.1967 and left for preservation in Feb.1981]
** Note 6G shedplate - 75014 was recorded as being a Junction engine during the mid to late1950's **

5MT 45428 'Eric Treacy' stands on the coaling plant at Grosmont shed whilst NER P3 2392 (BR J27 65894) waits to take
it's train down to the station. (Photographed 9th Oct.1988)

*** Neither of these locomotives were from Barry but thought the photograph was worth a look ***

Southern class S15 - 4-6-0 No. 30841 on the coaling plant at Grosmont. (Photographed 8th Oct.1994)

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