Ex- 6G staff held a reunion meeting at Llandudno Junction Labour Club
on 26th June 2003.  The following photo's are a record of the day.

All photo line up descriptions are left to right


reunion3.jpg (64764 bytes)

Ron Watson, Larry Davies, Derek Williams, John Kirwood, Peter Owen, Bob Barnsdale.
thanks to Paul Harley for informing me that second left above is Larry Davies not Larry Williams as first stated (see NEWSPAGE)


reunion5.jpg (56816 bytes)

Bryan Wynne, Jim Price, Geoff Griffiths, 

reunion9.jpg (66086 bytes)

back row :  Mervin Cross, Ronny Evans, Derek Tustin.
front row :Norman Read, Les Nevitt [EX RHYL]  Aled Roberts [CHESTER], shaking hands with Harold Jones (Curly),  seated, Derek Jones.           (Thanks to Alan Roberts for the correction re: Aled Roberts and Harold Jones)

reunion10.jpg (49129 bytes)

Norman Read, Les Nevitt, Alled Roberts, Derek Jones.

reunion11.jpg (65080 bytes)

David Eastwood.

reunion12.jpg (70948 bytes)

Ben Williams, Ivor Wynne Jones, Vic Thomas, Emris Roberts.

reunion15.jpg (54986 bytes)

Derek Williams, David Eastwood, David Davies.

reunion16.jpg (81717 bytes)

back row:  Cliff Roberts, Don Simpson.
front row:  Emris Roberts, Alled Roberts, Ivor Wyn Jones, Vic Thomas.

reunion17.jpg (50972 bytes)

Bob Barnsdale & David Roberts ex-fireman.... (thanks to Tony Williams,
Llandudno Junction S&T for the ID.....)

reunion18.jpg (67328 bytes)

back row:  W.R Jennings, Jock Slaven,
front row:  Alled Roberts, Vic Thomas.

reunion19.jpg (51555 bytes)

Bryn Jones [from York], John Kirwood, Glyn Jones.

Bryn Jones, John Kirwood, Wyn Smart, Glyn Jones.

Glyn Jones, Wyn Smart.

reunion22.jpg (64195 bytes)

Bryan Leggett. Derek Williams, Lionel Smith.

reunion23.jpg (63583 bytes)

Vernon Griffiths, Bill Rudge, Bryan Leggett, Bryn Jones.

reunion25.jpg (78702 bytes)

back row:  John Roberts,  Alled Roberts.
front row:  Frank Raw, Ken Joinson, Norman Read.

reunion26.jpg (59639 bytes)

Wilf Scrages,  Reg Collinson.

reunion27.jpg (53084 bytes)

W.R. Jennings, unidentified, unidentified, Jim Price.

reunion28.jpg (74612 bytes)

Ivor Wyn Jones, Vic Thomas , John Kirwood.

reunion29.jpg (47533 bytes)

Larry Davies talks to Trefor Owen (W.T.Owen)
Thanks to Paul Harley for the ID of Larry Davies above. (see NEWSPAGE)
Thanks to Alan Roberts for the ID of Trefor Owen (see NEWSPAGE)

reunion30.jpg (61025 bytes)

David Eastwood, Bob Barnsdale, John Kirwood, David Davies.

reunion31.jpg (49438 bytes)

Burty Edwards, Bryan Jones, Tony Mylchreest.

reunion32.jpg (73954 bytes)

back row:  Derek Tustin, Cliff Roberts, Unidentified, Unidentified, Jim Price , Bob Barnsdale.
Terry Hughes. W.R. Jennings.
front row:  Alled Roberts, Ivor Wyn Jones, Wyn Smart, Guss Williams, Les Nevitt.

reunion33.jpg (63140 bytes)

back row:  Mervin Cross, Derek Tustin, Cliff Roberts, Unidentified, Bob Barnsdale. Unidentified
front row:  Ivor Wyn Jones, Alled Roberts, Wyn Smart, Guss Williams.

reunion34.jpg (62715 bytes)

back row:  CliffRoberts, Unidentified , Unidentified,  Bob Barnsdale, Terry Hughes.
front row:  Guss Williams, Les Nevitt.

reunion35.jpg (83009 bytes)

6G  smokebox allocation plate from Black 5,  44686.